canine and feline spay and neuter 

Payment is required at drop-off time. We accept cash, Visa & Mastercard. We do not accept checks.  

*Additional charges for pregnant, obese, & in heat patients. *Prices subject to change.


CANINE Services

Dog Neuter 20 lbs – 40 lbs $  95
Dog Neuter 41 lbs-60 lbs  $ 115
Dog Neuter 61 lbs-80 lbs $ 140
Dog Neuter 81 lbs and above, please call for quote  
Dog Spay under 10 lbs   $ 95
Dog Spay 11 lbs – 20 lbs  $110
Dog Spay 21 lbs – 30 lbs  $125
Dog Spay 31 lbs – 40 lbs  $140
Dog Spay 41 lbs – 50 lbs  $160
Dog Spay 51 lbs and over please call for quote  
Canine pain medications $18

FELINE Services

Cat Spay  $65
Cat Neuter $40
 Feline pain medications  $10 – $15  


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