Tips for Owners

Pre Surgery Instructions

The night before your pet’s surgery, do not feed your pet after midnight. Do not feed your pet the morning of surgery. Keep water available to your pet until the time of surgery. If your pet shows signs of illness such as coughing, vomiting, or diarrhea, please contact us to reschedule.

Post Surgery

After surgery please provide a warm, dry and quiet location for your pet to rest. It is important to closely monitor your pet but try not to encourage too much activity and be careful when children are around your pet as they recover. You should offer something to eat in the evening after surgery and encourage your pet to eat a small amount (half of their regular meal).

Rest is important for healing, restrict your pet’s activity for the next 7 days. Do not allow running or jumping and no swimming or baths until the incision is healed.

If you notice any of the following, please seek veterinary attention. (If outside of Turlock Spay and Neuter Clinic regular hours you will need to contact your local Veterinary Emergency Clinic).

  • Bleeding
  • Listlessness, unwilling to move or stand
  • Not eating or drinking
  • Excessive redness or swelling at the surgery site
  • Any discharge at the surgery site
  • Listlessness, unwilling to move or stand
  • Excessive licking or chewing at the surgery site
  • Any abnormal behavior or anything that concerns you.

Please check the surgery site at least once a day until it is healed. Do not allow your pet to lick or chew at the surgery site. The use of an Elizabethan collar may be required for some pets and is recommended especially if the patient is to be left unsupervised for any time in the first few days after surgery. Re suturing of wounds is an emergency and is an additional expense.

DO NOT GIVE any human medications such as aspirin or Tylenol to your pet. Pain relief is recommended and is available from the clinic. Human medications can be very harmful to animals.